How long should I do maintenance to the SpeedDrive?

After riding 3000~4500km, please refill the oil based on bike condition.
A Speed Drive oil supply package is recommended. Please refill 1 to 2ml every 2000-3000km or once/twice per year.

What\'s the difference between CARRYME\'s chain and the normal chain?

CARRYME uses industrial specification 1/4"x1/8" chain, which is thinner and shorter than the normal bike's chain. The strength would be the same. Please refer to our store for the replacement if needed.

What is the height and weight limit of riding CARRYME?

Front carrier weight limit: 5kg
Rear carrier weight limit: 10kg
Suitable height: 145-185cm
Weight limit for rider: 85kg
Maximum weight limit(rider, luggage): 100kg

How fast can CARRYME ride?

At 70-90 cadence rate, CARRYME's speed can reach 19-21km/hr. Some riders even successfully exceed 30km/hr.
The recommended speed: 13km/hr.

What is the most energy-saving way to blow up CARRYME\'s tire?

When CARRYME is folded and placed vertically, it's the easiest to find the valve and blow the tire with vertical inflator.

What is the specification of CARRYME\'s tire?

Mini-velo usually requires high-pressure tire to effectively reduce the resistance, wear and tear of tire and the discomfort brought by shaking due to bad road condition.
CARRYME uses 8”x1-1/4’ high-pressure tire, which could be blowed up by American air valve to maximum 80PSI.

Could I do out-of saddle sprinting?

The BB of CARRYME is closed to the center of gravity. You won't feel unsteady while doing out-of saddle sprinting.

Can I take MRT or other public transport with CARRYME?

Of course.
When being folded and stay vertically, CARRYME is extremely compact withought bothering any other passengers.
To comform to local regulations, a supplementary accessory such as carrybag or dust cover is recommended.