Is there anything I should take care of while riding HANDY hand tricycle?

1. Check whether tire pressure is enough for a safe ride
2. Make sure you wear the seat belt. Remember to leave some space for your abdomen.*1
3. Wear appropriate protection against the sun burn(hat/sleeve-cover/sunglasses/mask)
4. Start with the first gear. Keep the cables stay upward when you move forward.
5. Lean your body forward while winding with your arms.
6. Slightly brake with your left hand to slow down.*2
7. Put the handle bar at 7-8 clock direction in order to slow down while taking turns or moving downward.
8. Shifting to lower number before going uphills.*3
9. Please keep one hand on handlebar controlling the direction and the other hand winding the rear wheel while moving backward.

*1. You may use legband to keep your leg in the correct position.
*2. The correct way to stop HANDY is to rotate the handlebar counterclockwisely, the brake lever on the left handlebar is for assistance.
*3. Gear shifter is at your right handlebar, with 1-7 gears.
(1st gear is the most energy-saving and the slowest, 7nd gear is the most energy-consuming and the fatest)

What is the height and weight limit of riding HANDY?

Suitable height: 145-185cm
Weight limit for rear carrier: 15kg
Weight limit for rider: 85kg
Maximum weight limit: 100kg

Is there anything I should take care of while riding MICAH?

-Tire pressure should be enough(Maxumum: 65PSI)
-The brake lever is designed to hold the trike when it is stopped, not to used stop the vehicle when on the move.
-Adjust each part to the most suitable place/height/angle, and tighten the bolt/quick release.
-Only adjust the height of the saddle when no one is on it.
-Should have someone to assist besides while riding.
-Slow down while going around the curves and makeing turns to prevent MICAH from inclining.
-The right wheel is the driving wheel, please be careful of the hinge on it when assembling.
-Please take care of small parts and components when transporting or disassembling MICAH.