The 2015 Pacific Cycling Day event highlights
7. December 2015
The 2015 Pacific Cycling Day event highlights
Pacific Cycles has been promoting city cycling for years, its folding bike lineup: Birdy, Reach, IF and CarryMe are famous in the top-end folding category and each has strong fan support.  Pacific Cycles encourages the fans to make the most of the folding bike to explore the hidden beauty of the city, rather than racing or competition.
The 2015 Pacific Cycling Day was held at Taipei in Dec. 5.  More than 150 fans in 50 teams gather in the Taipei Expo Park first, then ride their favorite Pacific bikes around the Taipei City.  The aim of the event only asks the attendants to explore the route, food, scenery and use Instagram and Facebook to share the information on the internet.  The more they share the bigger prize they win.  During the ride the attendants are also asked to promote the benefit of the folding bike when taking MRT, and do good deed to whom needs help.
After 4 hours of happy ride, more than thousand of riding photos, hundred of videos and 50 bike routes are collected and shared through the events.
Here are the photo highlights: