New Pacific bikes exhibition at Taoyuan International Airport
25. September 2019

Taoyuan International Airport has leisure spaces and public facilities decorated in different cultural and entertainment themes where visitors and tourists can take a leisurely stroll and see the beauty of the treasure island while they are waiting to board.

Pacific Cycles is proudly invited by the organizer as sole bicycle brand to exhibit the newest bikes at gate B1/B2/B3 at Terminal 1, including the NEW BIRDY, NEW REACH and CARRYME, all with touring package.

(pic) The entrance of gate

(pic) The bicycle theme decoration, the award-winning IF MODE is displayed on the wall

(pic) the Pacific Cycles exhibition area

(pic) BIRDY Standard equipped with front lowrider and rear carrier, folded BIRDY GT equipped with mountain bike tires

(pic) REACH GT and its travel case (compatible with BIRDY)

(pic) CARRYME special Floral-Expo version with exclusive U Design travel case.


Anyone interested in the bikes can scan the QR code on the information plate for details.

For more information please contact