Pacific Cycles at Taipei Cycle 2015
10. March 2015


After the Chinese New Year's holidays, the 2015 Taipei International Bicycle Show is fast coming around the corner.

Every year in the TIBS, the display of Pacific Cycles never failed to attract a lot of trade visitors, especially engineers and designers, although Pacific always had just a few booths located in a corner of the show hall.  The visitors wanted to find out innovations of the World R&D workshop for the year.  So what does Pacific Cycles have to offer in 2015?

According to Michael Lin, CEO, Pacific Cycles have been focusing their work in own brand models launched since 2006 – Reach, CarryMe, IF and Birdy, all overhauled from the bottom up.

The Reach is a compact bike with road racing performance designed for competition and long distance trekking, it has accumulated more than 1.5 million kilometers in mileage since its introduction in 2006.  In 2015 the fourth generation finally arrives.

The new 2015 Reach is now quicker and lighter with the following amazing improvements:

1. new folding design to slim the folding size
2. 2 ways of tool-free folding: quick or complete
3. disc brake now becomes standard, integrated with quick release to make assembly and disassembly much quicker
4. newly designed front fork provides 15mm shock travel, and weighs 10% less than the current fork
5. newly designed rear suspension can be adjusted maximum 30mm travel, with the press-lock-release the elastomer replacement is extremely intuitive
6. tapered head tube with integrated head set, 18% improved on stiffness
7. internal cable routing, clean and neat look
8. the whole frame is 5% lighter than the current version

For the CarryMe Pacific introduces the new carrier which folds with the bike seamlessly.  The maintenance-free solid tire is now an option.

Front rack adaptor is now available for the stylish IFmove.  The 2015 IF Mode comes with a new chain cover for easy maintenance and a new rear hub which deliver better performance.

Lastly, the third generation of the Birdy prototype will display in a box during the show.

You must not miss the Pacific booths this year.

Pacific Booth no. is N0313.