a Handy Foldable 24SP
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For more info on Adaptive cycles the FAQ-Adaptive cycles.
Adaptive cycles
This unique handcycle has been engineered to provide the ideal cycling experience for athletic advancement of upper body strength and toning for athletic events. Especially valuable to triathletes and physically challenged athletes, it provides the perfect way to get in shape in a healthy outdoor environment.

Storage and portability: Regular handcycles' bulky size has always caused issues for storing or transporting. The biggest feature of the new HANDY is that it can fold down to half of its size making it perfect for storing in your house or car trunks.

One size fits all: Another unique feature of the new HANDY is that it's highly adjustable to fit every users' individual needs. Its cockpit reach, handlebar height, and seat position are all designed with adjustable systems to accommodate all types of body conditions.

Suspension: Elastomer suspension is designed onto the frame to bring comfort, stability, and a big smile on users' face!

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