Thoughtfully designed
with special needs in mind.
Our line of special needs bikes is truly specific down to every last design detail, providing a confident and controlled ride feel, excellent handling abilities and a secure platform for mental and physical development.
A high degree of adjustability is built into these bikes. Seat position, handlebar angle, etc. can be fine-tuned and wheels can easily be removed.
Great for youngsters
Fun. Confidence inspiring.
Perfect for building up a child’s self confidence, independence and mobility without having to worry about safety issues. Riding a bike promotes growth and learning through a healthy and fun experience—our aim is to provide all the benefits of riding a regular bike, with all the safety features taken care of.
Great for people
who just won’t give in.
Perfect for strong-willed people who just won’t give in to unfortunate circumstances. A great way to keep in shape, enjoy the outdoors and increase upper body strength for paraplegic or other physically challenged athletes who wish to continue training for events.