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Compact / Folding Bikes
IF     Overview    IFMOVE US$1,930    IF MODE US$2,750    IF REACH(LX) US$2,060    IF URBAN 26(discontinued)    IF URBAN 700C(discontinued)   
REACH     Overview    SL(Super Light) US$2,740    R(Racing) US$2,000    T(Trail) US$1,770    CITY(discontinued)    Frameset    SCANDIUM Frameset   
CARRYME     Overview    SD 2014 US$750    SD 2013(discontinued)    DS 2013(discontinued)    CARRYALL US$1,000    CARRYKIDS(discontinued)   
BIRDY     Overview    Titanium(Sold Out)    Color Plus Limited Edition    Rohloff Disc-brake 14 US$4,495    Rohloff V-brake 14(Sold Out)    Sram 3x8 US$2,000    Disc Brake 10 Speed  US$2,460    LX/XT(discontinued)    Inter 8(discontinued)    Standard 9 Speed US$1,715    New Classic BIRDY US$1,375    FROG US$1,740   
Electric Bikes
REACH DC     Overview    IF REACH DC(MPF) US$2,920    REACH DC US$2,650    IF REACH DC(Sunstar)   
CARRYME DC     Overview    CARRYME DC US$1,600   
URBAN DC     Overview    IF URBAN Nuvinci DC (not available)   
2RIDER Electric     Overview    2RIDER Electric US$4,850   
Special Bikes
MICAH     Overview    MICAH US$1,800   
HANDY     Overview    Recumbent US$1,850    Upright Compact    Upright (cushion adj. seat) US$1,900   
2RIDER     Overview    2RIDER US$3,250   
Business Partners
Riese und Müller | Tartaruga | Banshee | Canfield Brothers | Carryfreedom | Kurt Kinetic | Niner | Greenspeed | Airnimal | Craftworks | ICE | Rans

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2014-07-29 Birdy now available in West Coast
2014-05-29 New Classic Birdy limited edition exclusive for Vogue Shop X Siam Center, Bankok, Thailand
2014-03-28 Pacific IFMOVE nominated by the prestigious Design Museum
2014-01-11 The New Classic BIRDY now taking order and will deliver January 2014
2013-12-10 2013 Pacific Cycling Day photo gallery
2013-12-10 Burt Cebular, owner of the Nycewheels bike shop in New York died
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Pacific-Cycles Catalog 2014-15 available now
Please click the image above to view or download.  .....
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Kingsley rides 4000Km around Eastern Europe on his REACH-ROAD folding bike, July and August 2010
By Kingsley BurlinsonThe ride was completely unsupported and I was self sufficient with 1 pannier of 15-20 Kg for the en  .....

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