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Beyond Two-Wheels Bikes: Our Supportive Bike Brings Everyone Closer To Their Loved Ones

When it comes to Pacific Cycles and our vision of how cycling should be, we’re firm believers that everyone should be able to ride a bicycle. This has been our vision ever since we first started creating bicycles, and at the moment, we have a lineup of supportive bikes that all kinds of cyclists can enjoy, regardless of physical disabilities. Our range covers various users, so let’s take a brief look at it and why it should be on your radar if you, or someone that’s close to you, is considering a supportive bike.

The Pacific Cycles supportive bikes lineup

At the core of our lineup of supportive bikes is the MICAH, a tricycle made for cerebral palsy patients, or people who suffer from a similar condition that makes riding a conventional bicycle difficult. It’s suitable for both adults and kids, and comes with a handle at the rear which lets a caretaker help the rider. Riding it is more than just fun, it’s an activity that helps patients learn and grow all with the help of a caretaker to keep them safe.

The MICAH comes with an adjustable handle and seat for the rider, as well as a balanced foot rest that’s comfortable and ideal for users with cerebral palsy. There is also a cargo basket behind the seat, which lets you carry personal items and allows you to use the MICAH to cover longer distances without leaving any of your essentials behind. (New Micah will be available mid 2022).

Next up, we have the HANDY foldable handcycle that has seen several iterations. As Pacific Cycles’ vision has always been to provide transportation for cyclists with special needs, the HANDY handcycle was initially introduced back in 2004. However, we quickly realized that we can make it even better, which is why we’ve been working alongside various associations to better understand the needs of people who would ride a handcycle. This gave us a much better idea of how we could improve the HANDY and what were some core features it had to have.

Currently, you can get the HANDY in both a regular version, and one with a power assist electrical motor. The regular version is very comfortable and easy to ride, but if you’d like to cover longer distances and increase mobility, the electric version will give you a bit of assistance and improve balance. The HANDY folds down to half its size, making it incredibly portable, and it is adjustable, so you can get the riding position just perfect for any cyclist. When you pair this with the elastomer suspension that makes it even more comfortable over uneven terrain, you get a supportive bike which will put a smile on any user’s face.

Last but not least, we have the RACERUNNER. This is a running frame, a trike without pedals, which is a very versatile supportive bike for a variety of users. Most commonly, it is used by children and adults that have spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy or even general mobility and balance issues. It allows such users to move on their own, engaging most major muscle groups without the fear of losing balance.

The RACERUNNER has an incredibly versatile sitting position, which allows users to lean forward on their body weight and remain attached to the trike, while having a comfortable grasp on the handlebars and brakes. It’s highly adjustable, which makes it ideal for users of all ages – it has five base sizes, and on top of that, adjustable chest plates, seatposts, saddles and handlebars. You can truly tailor it to any individual, allowing them to improve their range of motion and muscle strength.

Why supportive?

As we mentioned, and as has been our mission for years, we firmly believe that cycling should be for everyone, no exceptions. A lot of people struggle doing their daily activities due to various physical disabilities, and we believe that shouldn’t be a reason for them not to enjoy the pleasures of riding a bicycle. That is why we have been committed to giving everyone something they can enjoy, whether it’s a tricycle, a push trike, or an electric tricycle that helps you cover longer distances with ease.

If you’re in need of a supportive bike for any reason, we go beyond two wheels, and offer something for every user. All you need to do is pick the model that suits your needs best.


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