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BIRDY Special Edition - Jungle Explorer is Coming Soon

We are thrilled to introduce a bike that will change the way you explore nature – the BIRDY Jungle Explorer. Let's delve into how BIRDY seamlessly combines outdoor living with the joy of cycling.

The allure of nature is irresistible; we all love the expansive mountain views and the refreshing scent of winding rivers. But how do you perfectly integrate outdoor biking into this equation? The answer might be closer than you think, and with the BIRDY Jungle Explorer, you can find that answer.

Equipped with Sram X5 10-speed, this bike allows for swift gear changes, making it easy to tackle various terrains. The Schwalbe Billy Bonkers tires provide excellent traction and stability for a safe riding experience on your journey.

With exclusive front and rear racks, you can effortlessly carry your gear from the local park to distant valleys, exploring more possibilities and discovering more joys along the way.

Featuring TRP brake levers and JUIN TECH R1 calipers, the bike ensures sensitive and powerful braking, guaranteeing your safety whether navigating unexpected turns or descending slopes. The 580mm handlebar provides stability and comfort during your ride.

What's even more exciting is that purchasing the BIRDY Jungle Explorer will come with an exclusive BIRDY tent. This allows you to enjoy the pleasures of camping freely, fostering a closer connection with nature and experiencing outdoor living like never before. Start planning your journey now.

Contact your local dealers to get more information!

*Limited to 150 units worldwide, expected to be delivered starting in April.


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