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Exploring with the CarryMe!

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Visiting a new city and exploring everything it has to offer is one of the best things you can do on a day off. But honestly, doing so in a large city by foot can get tiring very quickly. That’s far from ideal, and can leave a bitter taste in your mouth when you’ve been so enthusiastic to explore.

We’ve had that happen – our group of friends decided to go to a neighboring city that had quite a lot to offer, only to end up tired beyond measure after a couple of hours. It wasn’t so fun, and we had to cut the trip short and go back.

But the next time we wanted to explore, we played things a bit differently. We got a couple of bikes, a couple of CARRYME bikes to be exact, and threw them in the trunk of our car. Exploring was an immense pleasure, and we’re never doing it without our bikes again. So, if you’re curious, here’s how things went.

There were four of us

You might be wondering why this is so important, so I’ll cut to the chase. No one in our group of friends drives a large car – they’re average city cars at best, hatchbacks, without a lot of trunk space. And this is what we thought would be an obstacle at first. Four bikes in a small city hatchback? That couldn’t possibly work.

Luckily, the CARRYME is made with such situations in mind. Not only were we able to pack the four bikes in the trunk, folded, but we also had room for a couple of backpacks full of essentials that would come in handy during our trip. And away we went.

Plenty to explore

The city we opted for had a lot of things to enjoy. From bustling cafes full of people in old alleyways, to massive cathedrals and squares you just can’t miss out on. But we had two problems: all the things we wanted to enjoy were scattered throughout town, and parking, as with any other big city, was a bit of a problem to say the least.

The CARRYME solved both of these issues, because we could leave the car in a parking garage that wasn’t too costly, grab our backpacks and head out to explore. We started off with an espresso and here’s where we found another seriously underestimated feature of the foldable bicycle – the trolley wheels built into the frame. Bicycle parking isn’t easy when you have nice looking bikes and don’t want them stolen, but in this case, we just folded them up and put them right next to our table. The bikes were incredibly compact, and nobody looked at us twice when we brought them inside.

Once we had our coffee, it was time to explore some of the city’s cathedrals and squares. Another pleasant surprise was just how good the CARRYME was when it came to actually covering distances. Of course, it’s not a foldable bicycle you would take on a long tour, but when it comes to exploring cities and discovering some interesting spots, it’s just perfect.

We could take the bikes with us everywhere we went and, because they were foldable, there was no problem at all, but depending on where you are, your luck may vary with that. Keep in mind that the chances of being let into any indoor space with an ultra compact foldable bike are much better than being let in with a regular sized bike, and the CARRYME never presented us with a problem.

Going back home

Before we packed and went back home, we had to grab some lunch. There was a nice little restaurant which, inconveniently, was halfway across town from where we were. Admittedly, we could’ve planned things better and parked closer to the restaurant, but honestly, it wasn’t too much of a problem. We hopped on the bikes and we were there in about twenty minutes. And in case you’re wondering, yes, the food was well worth the ride.

Once we were all done, we had a short ride to where we parked the car, and we had the bikes packed in the trunk within a couple of minutes. Remember when we said we only had a small hatchback? Well, we could even squeeze in souvenirs on our way back, which only makes the CARRYME’s compact size more impressive.

When all is said and done, we unanimously decided that we will no longer explore cities without a couple of CARRYMEs packed in our car. It just makes things a lot more convenient, and when you try it out, you’ll love it too.


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