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Going for a Ride in the Mountains with the Reach/Birdy

Let’s face it, how many times have you wanted to go camping, only to decide that you’re not really in the mood to hike for miles until you get to your destination? We’ve been there, and we agree, hiking is not the most fun part of a camping trip, that’s for sure.

But what if we told you there’s a perfect solution that turns that exact part into an adventure in itself? We are, of course, talking about taking your foldable bike along for the experience, which is an opportunity you shouldn’t be sleeping on.

We actually gave it a shot, with both the BIRDY and the REACH STD, and the experience was incredible. Here's how it went.

Packing for the Trip

The first step was packing. Of course, as with any camping trip, things started off with filling the backpacks with everything we needed for the trip. We’re talking sleeping bags, a tent, portable food preparation items, clothing, you name it. But now that we had bikes with us, this introduced an interesting opportunity – we could use the bike bag to carry heavier items.

The bikes were not only a means of transportation, but they gave us an opportunity to get some weight off our backs, and put them on the bikes instead. The bags we chose are easy to put on and take off the bikes, and during packing, we just put them straight into our car (we’ll worry about putting them on the bikes once we get to the trail head).

Packing the bikes was, as you’d expect, a breeze. Both the BIRDY and the REACH STD become incredibly compact, and we had zero issues when it came to putting them in the back of our car.

At the Trailhead

When we arrived at the trailhead, we figured out that we’ve got about fifteen miles to reach the destination where we’d decided to set up camp. It was a beautiful location, with trees throwing shade over our tent and a beautiful view over some truly incredible landscapes. The trail wasn’t all flat – there were some hills to climb, as well as a descent or two, because the campsite was at a more or less identical elevation with the trailhead.

We unpacked and assembled the bikes (again, a breeze), and put the bike bags on. This just is a five minute process, and when you factor in the weight you’re taking off your backpack, to say it’s worth it is an understatement. Once we were ready to go, we grabbed the bikes and headed off in the direction of our target campsite.

Hitting the Trails

Within the first mile, we were extremely glad to have the bikes with us. The trail was relatively smooth, even though it was technically an off-road trail, and if we had to hike the fifteen miles, we would’ve been bored out of our minds (not to mention extremely tired).

But both bikes were an absolute thrill to use. We especially liked the REACH STD’s bar ends which came in handy on a few of the climbs, and the fact that the bike is overall oriented for off-road adventures sure does help. That’s not to say the BIRDY was worse – if anything, the front suspension made the whole ride incredibly comfortable.

Reaching the Campsite

Covering the fifteen miles took about two hours, which is actually quite a short time when you realize that we carried a lot of weight on our backs (and bikes). But the best thing about it was the fact that when we got to our destination, we were barely even tired. Covering a distance on a bike is a lot easier than doing it on foot, and the bikes really outdid themselves. .

When we got to the campsite, we set up our tent and sleeping bags, and still had plenty of time to explore our surroundings before sunset. We realized that the views are a lot more beautiful than we originally thought, and we aren’t ashamed to admit that we probably spent about two hours just staring at the magnificent landscape and taking it all in.

As far as the bikes go, we folded them and used a bike lock to secure them. We didn't think anyone would try and steal bikes out in the woods, but then again, better to be safe than sorry.

Going Back Home

A fun weekend later, we packed our stuff and headed back to the trailhead. Again, the bikes were an absolute joy. When everything is said and done, I don’t think we’ll ever be heading out on a camping trip again without them. Packing them in the car took all of five minutes, and before we knew it, the trip was over and we were on our way home with smiles on our faces.

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