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Pacific Cycles Adaptive Bikes: Making Cycling Accessible for Everyone

When it comes to cycling, not all bikes are one-size-fits-all, and the development team at Pacific Cycles have decided to remedy this. The new Pacific Cycles lineup includes an excellent variety of adaptive bike models that are more accessible for those with physical disabilities.

What are adaptive bikes?

Everyone should be able to ride a bicycle, and the adaptive bike is made for that reason. Some physical disabilities mean that two-wheeled bicycles are not accessible, and the new Pacific Cycles range of adaptive bikes is designed for many different types of bodies and abilities.

An adaptive bike can be made in a variety of ways, depending on the physical disability. Some are used with foot pedals while others can be operated using only the hands. Our adaptive bikes offer a variety of body positions, and yours can be customized to whatever suits you best.

In the Pacific Cycles lineup, there is an adaptive bike for everyone. We design and make a variety of unique products, such as a special trike that’s made for people with cerebral palsy, as well as one that is able to move backwards for use on escalators. We also provide bicycles, sidecars, stair cycles, rowing bikes, and four-wheeled cycles for two people. On the request of the United Nations, Pacific Cycles designed a hand-powered adaptive bike for people who are physically handicapped and have lower-limb disabilities.

Pacific Cycles adaptive bikes

Pacific Cycles’ adaptive bike lineup consists of four main models, so let’s take a closer look at each.


The MICAH tricycle is the perfect companion for young adults and children with cerebral palsy. Not only is riding the MICAH fun, but it also promotes growth and learning while providing a safe way to build confidence and independence. The seat and handle are adjustable, and there is a handle behind the seat that allows a caretaker, or special needs assistant, to maneuver the MICAH. There is also a balanced footrest for a comfortable, stable riding platform, the ideal adaptive bike for those with physical disabilities.

The HANDY Foldable

With both manual and electric options, the HANDY Foldable tricycle is used with your hands, for a fully-operational bike for those with lower-body disabilities. The electric foldable tricycle comes with a dedicated power assist for that extra boost for getting around. Fold it away to half its size where it can be stored inside your car or cupboard that takes up minimal space.


The CARRYALL carries the title of the world’s only three-wheeled folding tricycle in the world. This is the perfect tricycle for people who have stiff joints or arthritis because the wheel setup makes it a stable platform even for people who cannot balance. It allows you to exercise on a bike, but it can also be used as a walking support. When not in use, folding it takes less than 20 seconds.


Our family vehicle, the 2RIDER has four wheels and two seats, providing a comfortable seating position. With the option to add a kid seat and canopy, it also has plenty of room for other passengers. It’s great for sharing the ride with others, whether you’re out with your friends or kids, or just trying to stay fit. The seats at the back come with individual pedals for each rider, while the ones at the front offer a comfortable footrest. There is individual suspension at the front and rear, which significantly reduces vibration and gives riders extra comfort. There is an optional child seat, and you have safety systems at the front and rear to keep riders and passengers safe.


The TRIGO trike produced and distributed by Pacific Cycles does not belong to the Pacific series, but we still included it to further complete the adaptive bike lineup. The TRIGO takes a slightly different approach, giving you the relaxed seating position of a recumbent bicycle and is one of the most easily maneuverable trikes out there. The seat is put in a low position which allows for increased stability, and the front wheel is pushed further to the front in order to give you a more stable cornering experience at higher speeds. You can even do a trike drift!

Just about any module on the trike is put on guide rails, which means you can adjust it to suit you better. It’s made for riders between 4’7” and 6’7” in height, and you don’t need any tools to adjust it. You can further customize the TRIGO with a host of accessories, and to make it even more mobile, you can retrofit a Shimano STEPS motor.

For the one who never stops moving

Even with bicycles likethe BIRDY, which is the folding bicycle that got Pacific Cycles to where we are today, the mission of making cycling accessible for everyone has always been a priority. And if you’re the type of person who doesn’t give up and doesn’t stop moving, our range of adaptive bike models will be perfect for you.


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