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Should You Bring a Foldable Bike Camping?

A camping trip is a great way to get outdoors, disconnect from the digital world, get some exercise, and re-energize yourself every once in a while. Camping trips are also a great way to explore, and is a popular option for many cyclists. So, should you be bringing a foldable bike on your next camping trip?

Pros of a foldable bike

When you’re out camping, chances are you’re at a place that has a lot of trails and paths surrounding it. While you can explore on foot, a foldable bike will give you the means to cover a lot more ground and get some cardio exercise in, too. This can be especially useful for longer camping trips where you likely want to explore further afield and take short day trips.

Additionally, a lightweight folding bike won’t add much weight to your camping gear. And depending on where you’re camping and how much gear you’re carrying, there is even the possibility to use your foldable bike as a means to get to your camping site. If you’re a lightweight camper, this can be the perfect means of transport.

How to choose the right foldable bike

Consider the best folding bike you should take on your trip. While just about any bicycle is good for exercise and exploring, camping imposes certain limitations that you’ll want to consider when choosing yours.

One of them, for example, is maintenance. You should keep in mind that carrying a complete tool +set and bike stand on a camping trip can be tricky. This is especially true when you’re trying to travel light, so you should bring a bike that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Another consideration is storage. For an average camping trip, you’ll likely be taking a small two- or three-person tent and the essentials. Trying to fit a full-size bicycle among your gear will severely impinge upon your living space, even in a large tent. You want to go as compact as you can, like a mini folding bike that is perfect for limited spaces.

Lastly, consider your surroundings and where your camping trip will be. Bringing a road bike to a camping trip in the woods might be pointless. Get the right bike for the environment, or even better, a versatile foldable bike that can handle multiple environments. A foldable performance bike like the REACH, for example, is sturdy, reliable, handles tougher terrain, but is still compact and lightweight enough for a camping trip.

BIRDY foldable bike for camping

The BIRDY model from Pacific Cycles is a foldable bike that is perfect for a camping trip. Its compact design means that it is easily stored in your tent without taking up too much room, and folds out just as quickly for an impromptu cycle trip. When folded down, both the Classic BIRDY and the New BIRDY are 15% smaller than their predecessor and can fit in small spaces, like the trunk of a car, inside a two-person tent, or simply carried in one hand.

The geometry and riding position, combined with the tires and suspension, make it one of the most versatile foldable bike options out there. As a suspension bike, the BIRDY works well in multiple environments. Whether you’re riding on paved or unpaved roads, you’ll enjoy a comfortable ride. The optimized geometry means you’ll have plenty of stability and excellent steering feedback.

The BIRDY is a low-maintenance foldable bike designed with a careful choice of components and the well thought out construction, meaning you won’t need to do any maintenance on while you’re out and about.

You’ll discover that having a functional, compact, and versatile folding mountain bike with you on a camping trip will result in a completely different camping experience. Have you tried it yet? Take a foldable bike like the BIRDY on your next camping trip and let us know what you think.


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