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The Birdy is the perfect bike to hit the beach with!

When we say the BIRDY is an ideal adventure companion for those who’d rather not walk, we mean it in every way imaginable. It’s a bike that was designed to become as compact as possible, and still be incredibly useful whenever you need it. And you know what it’s perfect for? The beach.

Living next to the beach

Some of us have been fortunate enough to live in a city right by beautiful beaches where the sun shines every day and we can cool off in crystal clear waters. But to do that, we first need to get to said beach, which is not always that easy. Traffic can be difficult, especially if you live in a popular tourist destination where everyone wants to go to the beach.

But the BIRDY makes things a lot easier, because you can cycle to your favorite beach, and then fold up the bike to make it as compact as possible. And to make things even better, it doesn’t matter if the beach is five or fifty minutes away from you – you’ll reach it very easily.

Choices and versatility

The BIRDY comes in a few different variants to suit different environments and terrain. Of course, you can traverse a range of terrains with any of the models, but some will perform better in certain situations.

For example, the New Classic BIRDY comes with an extremely comfortable riding position, as well as a comfortable seat and a 19 degree handlebar for increased comfort, making it perfect for long distance. You also have eight speeds to help you conquer anything from hills to flatter terrain, as well as suspension at the front and rear to help with road bumps.

If, on the other hand, you’d like something even more versatile, the New BIRDY Touring comes with both an external 8-speed socket, as well as an internal 3-speed hub for a total of 24 gears for you to choose from. This makes it possible to ride it in a variety of conditions, and it also comes with the well-known suspension setup and comfortable riding position.

Or, last but not least, if you’re keen on a more aggressive geometry and a lighter bike that will get you to the beach faster, opt for the New BIRDY R20 11SP which is one of the lightest full suspension folding bikes on the market. It’s remarkably easy to carry around when you have it folded, and it’s a full-on speed machine when you’re riding it.

Accessorizing the BIRDY

Of course, while the folding bike itself is an excellent choice to hit the beach with, a couple of accessories will make it a much better experience overall.

One of the first things we’d recommend is the U DESIGN Multi-Purpose Adaptor. The name speaks for itself, but this is an adaptor that you put on your seat post or stem column allowing you to add a variety of accessories, such as a water bottle holder or a small bag to carry your essentials in. It’s lightweight and has a quick-release handle so you can remove it when you don’t need it.

Next up, you probably carry a bag with sunscreen, a towel, and maybe a spare bathing suit when you’re off to the beach. Why carry it on your back, when you can add a Rear Carrier made specifically for the New BIRDY and let the bike take the weight instead? The result will be a much more comfortable ride, with no weight on your body, and an overall improved weight distribution with a lowered center of gravity. This results in a better riding experience and you’ll enjoy heading to the beach that much more.

If you’ve already used your BIRDY to get to the beach once or twice, you’ve probably struggled with the lack of parking. Not every beach has designated bicycle parking and that can be a problem if you don’t want to scratch your bicycle by leaning it on a wall. Instead, get the exclusive kickstand (for Gen3) or adjustable kickstand (for Gen2 and New Classic), which lets you park your BIRDY, well, wherever you find a flat surface. You can even set up the angle at which the bicycle leans, which is great.

Is the BIRDY perfect for the beach?

Yes. Even without adding any of the accessories mentioned, the BIRDY is the perfect bike to hit the beach with, and it comes in a few different variants that allow you to pick the one that suits your city and riding style the best. Enjoy your ride!


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