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BIRDY Jungle Explorer Creates a New Camping Experience

For over 20 years, Pacific Cycles’ BIRDY has been a versatile representative in the folding bike world. It offers various configurations suitable for different riders, including the speed-focused BIRDY R, the all-terrain BIRDY GT, the long-distance touring BIRDY Touring, and the urban-friendly Classic.

Sun Moon Lake, known for its picturesque landscapes and serene ambiance, features crystal-clear emerald waters surrounded by majestic mountains. It has always attracted camping enthusiasts who seek to explore its beauty. Organized by Pacific Cycles, a camping event took place on March 16th and 17th in this scenic lakeside area, bringing together loyal BIRDY fans.

During the event, the spotlight was on the BIRDY Jungle Explorer, a limited-edition version combining the BIRDY Touring setup with lightweight off-road tires. It also features exclusive front and rear racks and a high-quality foldable tent. Attendees had the opportunity to further explore the BIRDY’s versatility and potential.

The camping event offered a diverse range of activities tailored for BIRDY riders. Participants engaged in a bicycle-oriented exploration game, searching for hidden missions. Successfully unlocking these missions earned them exquisite prizes provided by Pacific Cycles. Unlimited supplies of POCARI SWEAT, Marukin functional sparkling drinks, and refreshing iceSpring popsicles were available to replenish energy. Additionally, activities like canoe experiences, open-air stargazing concerts, and yoga classes added to the festive atmosphere. BIRDY enthusiasts expressed their excitement, considering it a privilege to participate in this remarkable camping event. They eagerly anticipate next year’s event, hoping for even greater success and more surprises.


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