Why is BIRDY valuable?

Though seems quite simple, BIRDY contains many complicated and refined design.
For example, the vertical folding design requires extremely precise adjustment.

This one-of-a-kind characteristic requires accurate computation, superior manufacturing techonology and strict quality control while processing design and mass production. Unlike most of the folding bikes with folding hinges on their main frame, which could be produced by machine, BIRDY needs to be handmade by professional workers.

Why is BIRDY special?

BIRDY is a real "folding bike" which you can easily fold/unfold within 15 seconds without using any tool. It is extremely compact after being folded without any parts separated apart from the main frame.
This is why BIRDY becomes one of the most outstanding commuting folding bike. In spite of the time and location, it is always convenient and easy to fold/unfold.
Unlike most of the folding bikes which have folding hinges on their main frame and thus make the main frame relatively fragile especially during high-speed riding, BIRDY is proud of its resistant and durable main frame, which adequately integrated with the folding structure and suspension system.
The weight and the mobility capability are always the main concern for folding bike riders. BIRDY is functioned not only as a commuting bike but also a superior traveling bike. With the newly-developed rear carrier, which could perfectly be folded without any additional effort, BIRDY can carry luggage up to 25 kilograms. In the meanwhile, made of aluminum 7005/6061, the main frame of BIRDY is firm, anti-rust and lighter than most of other folding bikes.

Does BIRDY require additional expense to modify?

All of BIRDY's standard specification have passed Pacific Cycles' quality test and are considered qualified to fulfill rider's needs. However, we still appreciate every specialized extenstion/adaption product designed specially for BIRDY. These designers/brands do understand BIRDY's value and somehow contribute to the value of BIRDY.

Why not change all models to Monocoque frame?

We would like to do so.
However, changing to Monocoque would inevitably increase the price since the cost is high. We would like to reserve the right for our customer to choose their main frame type.

How old is BIRDY?

BIRDY is born in 1995.
Gaining popularity from more than 150,000 thousand riders worldwide, BIRDY is one of the most popular folding bike in the world.
Now we have more than 10 thousand riders joining BIRDY family each year.

Can BIRDY do mountain or extreme biking?

We are afriad to say no.
Although there are indeed riders attending MTB racing with BIRDY and achieved high rank. To regular user, we won't recommend such riding way which would cause you lose your product warranty.
Generally speaking, small-wheel folding bike is not suitable for rough and bumpy road. Please take care when riding BIRDY on road in poor condition.

Is BIRDY suitable for long-distance riding?

Of course!
Biry is equipped with outstanding derailleur, gear and suspension system. Which make the riding experience as comfortable as riding a normal big-wheel bike. BIRDY is also capable of carrying up to 25 kilograms luggage with the special designed front and rear carrier.

Can I fold BIRDY while riding it?

When you are sitting on BIRDY, you are sitting on the opposed direction of BIRDY's folding hinge, which means you will not be able to fold BIRDY while riding it.

What is BIRDY's advantage compared to big-wheel bike?

Riding BIRDY is just as comfortable as riding big-wheel bike. However, riding BIRDY is much more convenient. You could bring your BIRDY with the bike rack, jumping to train or catch up a plane every weekend, every vacation or even on your business trip.
Also, BIRDY has its top tube lower than normal bikes which require you to lift up your legs high before starting riding. It is thus also suitable for shorter riders and for elders.
For those who are tired of big-wheel bike, BIRDY would be your best choice. Safer riding experience with lower top tube and excellent handling.

What is the difference of riding way between BIRDY and big-wheel bike?

When you ride BIRDY, the pose is not upright as riding regular folding bike but rather similar to a MTB. BIRDY is highly adjustable to fit different rider's figure and way of riding.

Which one is more stable? Big-wheel Bike or BIRDY?

Stability of bike depends not on its wheel size but rather on the geometric design. The distance between front wheel and rear wheel plays an important role in stability and riding ability. Furthermore, The angle of front fork is crucial in steering capability. Through adjusting these factors, BIRDY could achieve similar stability level as big-wheel bike.

What is the advantage of small-wheel?

(1) The weight - Small wheel is lighter. You can easily carry your BIRDY.
(2) The spoke and rim are more resistant than big-wheel and less likely to break.
(3) Small-wheel requires less strength to ride the bike and go uphills.
(4) Easier to turn, steer and brake. Much more suitable for a city rider

Is BIRDY's body structure more fragile because of the small volume?

The answer is No.
Rather, big-wheel bike is more fragile than BIRDY. BIRDY's frame is relatively small, resistant, light and performs superior in riding.
When compared to other small-wheel folding bike, BIRDY performs obviously better in the resistance of frame because of the design of folding way, no-hinge frame and suspension system.

Should I pedal harder to ride BIRDY faster?

Not at all!
After one ride, you would be surprised once you find out how amazing it is. It has been proved that a well-designed small-wheel bike could perform even better than big-wheel bike. Because the speed performance mainly depends on the gear ratio(chain wheel/freewheel)xcircumference, basically the gear ratio of BIRDY could make up the difference of the wheel size.
Wheel size, however, is not the only factor which decides the speed. BIRDY's compact and lightweight design, high gear ratio, high-pressure 90PSI tire and componenet with high-quality all play important roles in speed performance.
Give it a ride and you would be surprised by BIRDY's low wind resistance rate and outstanding performance.

Which tire is suitable for BIRDY?

We now have many differenct tire choices for BIRDY.
Mostly, we provide Maxxis-BIRDY w/kevalr(90PSI).
Schwalbe now provide many high-quality tire such as Schwalbe Marathon Racer (85PSI) and Stelivo Kojak HS385 (115PSI) too.

For further information of tire listed above, please refer to the indroduction of BIRDY accessories.

What is the height and weight limit of riding BIRDY?

Suitable height: 145-195cm
Maximum weight limit(rider, luggage): 110kg
Rear Expedition Carrier: 15kg
Rear SL carrier: 12kg
Front lowrider: 10kg

What is the difference between the main frame of Monocoque version and Cassic BIRDY?

To improve the safety of riders when they get on and off the bike, we lower the height of main frame by 60mm. By using Monocoque structure, the overall weight of bike is 150g lighter than Classic BIRDY. What even better is the resistance of the frame also enhances by 30% because of the reduction of welding part.

What is the difference between rear carrier of Monocoque version and Classic BIRDY?

Basically, they are the same. The differences are as follows:

1. The assembling part of rear carrier to the frame.
2. The length of down strut is different


How long should I do maintenance to the SpeedDrive?

After riding 3000~4500km, please refill the oil based on bike condition.
A Speed Drive oil supply package is recommended. Please refill 1 to 2ml every 2000-3000km or once/twice per year.

What's the difference between CARRYME's chain and the normal chain?

CARRYME uses industrial specification 1/4"x1/8" chain, which is thinner and shorter than the normal bike's chain. The strength would be the same. Please refer to our store for the replacement if needed.

What is the height and weight limit of riding CARRYME?

Front carrier weight limit: 5kg
Rear carrier weight limit: 10kg
Suitable height: 145-185cm
Weight limit for rider: 85kg
Maximum weight limit(rider, luggage): 100kg

How fast can CARRYME ride?

At 70-90 cadence rate, CARRYME's speed can reach 19-21km/hr. Some riders even successfully exceed 30km/hr.
The recommended speed: 13km/hr.

What is the most energy-saving way to blow up CARRYME's tire?

When CARRYME is folded and placed vertically, it's the easiest to find the valve and blow the tire with vertical inflator.

What is the specification of CARRYME's tire?

Mini-velo usually requires high-pressure tire to effectively reduce the resistance, wear and tear of tire and the discomfort brought by shaking due to bad road condition.
CARRYME uses 8”x1-1/4’ high-pressure tire, which could be blowed up by American air valve to maximum 80PSI.

Could I do out-of saddle sprinting?

The BB of CARRYME is closed to the center of gravity. You won't feel unsteady while doing out-of saddle sprinting.

Can I take MRT or other public transport with CARRYME?

Of course.
When being folded and stay vertically, CARRYME is extremely compact withought bothering any other passengers.
To comform to local regulations, a supplementary accessory such as carrybag or dust cover is recommended.


What is the height and weight limit of riding iF?

Suitable height: 145-190cm
Maximum weight limit(rider, luggage): 100 kg

Suitable height: 145-185kg
Maximum weight limit(rider, luggage): 110kg


How to set up the cycle computer for the REACH?

The recommend value is as belows:
Kenda K-1047: 1610mm
Primo C1081: 1595mm

How to adjust REACH's suspension?

You don't have to adjust REACH's front suspension. As for the rear suspension, you could change harder or softer PU.
Find more info here: Support>Download>REACH Rear Suspension maintenance manual

What is the height/weight/luggage limit of riding REACH?

Front carrier weight limit: 10kg
Rear carrier weight limit: 15kg
Maximum wight limit(rider, luggage): 110kg
Suitable height: 145-185cm


Is there anything I should take care of while riding HANDY hand tricycle?

1. Check whether tire pressure is enough for a safe ride
2. Make sure you wear the seat belt. Remember to leave some space for your abdomen.*1
3. Wear appropriate protection against the sun burn(hat/sleeve-cover/sunglasses/mask)
4. Start with the first gear. Keep the cables stay upward when you move forward.
5. Lean your body forward while winding with your arms.
6. Slightly brake with your left hand to slow down.*2
7. Put the handle bar at 7-8 clock direction in order to slow down while taking turns or moving downward.
8. Shifting to lower number before going uphills.*3
9. Please keep one hand on handlebar controlling the direction and the other hand winding the rear wheel while moving backward.

*1. You may use legband to keep your leg in the correct position.
*2. The correct way to stop HANDY is to rotate the handlebar counterclockwisely, the brake lever on the left handlebar is for assistance.
*3. Gear shifter is at your right handlebar, with 1-7 gears.
(1st gear is the most energy-saving and the slowest, 7nd gear is the most energy-consuming and the fatest)

What is the height and weight limit of riding HANDY?

Suitable height: 145-185cm
Weight limit for rear carrier: 15kg
Weight limit for rider: 85kg
Maximum weight limit: 100kg

Is there anything I should take care of while riding MICAH?

-Tire pressure should be enough(Maxumum: 65PSI)
-The brake lever is designed to hold the trike when it is stopped, not to used stop the vehicle when on the move.
-Adjust each part to the most suitable place/height/angle, and tighten the bolt/quick release.
-Only adjust the height of the saddle when no one is on it.
-Should have someone to assist besides while riding.
-Slow down while going around the curves and makeing turns to prevent MICAH from inclining.
-The right wheel is the driving wheel, please be careful of the hinge on it when assembling.
-Please take care of small parts and components when transporting or disassembling MICAH.



為什麼 Birdy 這麼昂貴?

舉例來說,Birdy 在展開時呈現完美的一直線,但卻以縱向方式折疊。
Birdy 這項獨一無二的特徵在設計與製造過程中,都需要嚴密的計算、高超的製造工藝及嚴苛的品質控管。不像一般折疊車在主車架有折疊關節,機器就能代勞,Birdy 一定要手工製造。

與其他折疊車相比 Birdy 有哪些特別之處?

Birdy 是一台真正的折疊自行車。不用任何工具,短短15秒內就能完成折疊。不像有些所謂的「折疊車」,實質上卻是「拼裝車」,拆裝需要的不僅是工具、時間,更需要您的熱情。 折疊完成後的 Birdy 是一個完整個體,讓您可輕易攜帶。不像其他折疊車,會有零件散落在主車體之外, 只靠幾條脆弱的管線勉強聯結。甚至有零件(像輪子)與主車體分離,需分別放置。 上 述優點都是 Birdy 成為傑出城市通勤車的理由。不論何時何地,折疊或組立 Birdy 都相當方便簡易,即便您想要馬上跳上就在眼前的巴士或火車,您還是有足夠的時間折疊,或是如果您覺得無法把 Birdy 停在一個您不熟悉的區域,您只需要做的就是幾個簡單的動作,就能把您最愛的 Birdy 帶在身邊。 其他折疊車在主車體都有不可避免的折疊關節,相對使得車體變得脆弱,尤其使高速行駛變得相當危險,Birdy 則突破傳統,擁有堅固、免受破壞的主車體。精心設計的 Birdy 巧妙揉合折疊構造與避震系統,使主車體更加堅固耐用。 Birdy 前後避震相當簡易輕盈,卻能提供您平穩舒適的旅程。您可能認為避震功能可有可無,只是多增加自行車重量與減緩行車速度。但是請記住,小輪車並不像大輪車天生就有避震效果。沒有避震的高壓胎小輪車,除了讓您騎乘不舒服,對您的車體結構更是殘酷無情的摧折。 Birdy 比起其他折疊車要來的輕量化。重量一直是折疊車攜帶簡易度的重點。Birdy 以堅固的鋁合金材質7005製作,讓車體不僅輕又防鏽,更堅固! Birdy 原本是一台專為城市通勤人所設計的折疊車,然而,經過設計團隊多年持續不斷的創新與改善, Birdy 也已然成為相當驚人的旅行車。設計團隊不停改善車體期盼臻至完美,更研發出可輕鬆攜帶25公斤行李的貨架,體積完全沒有因此增大。而後貨架甚至在折疊過程 中,自然就融入折疊車體中,您甚至不需碰觸到它。

為什麼 Birdy 需要花更多錢來改裝,為什麼不能一次到位?

Birdy 本身因為工法緣故,製造成本相對它牌折疊車為高,若再搭配一、二級的自行車零件,終端零售價會相當驚人。所以我們考慮的方向是,針對不同的用途,配置合適 的零配件,而不是以零件的價位來決定車子的售價。

我們感謝市面上所有專門設計給 Birdy 的改裝品,因為這些設計師/品牌認同 Birdy 的價值,精緻的做工也為 Birdy 加分。但這不代表 Birdy 出廠的標配零件規格不佳,它們的品質都是經過太平洋反覆測試並認可。這些改裝零件其實在性能上未必能比原廠設定為優;許多車友還是維持原廠的設定,因為車 架是 Birdy 的靈魂,配件相對來說是錦上添花。



為什麼不將所有車款都改為 Monocoque 車架?

我們當然很樂意。 但是,單單把車架改為 Monocoque 車架,成本就會增加大約4500元左右。
Birdy 目前價格已經相當合理,並不會光為了外觀造形的改變,就增加4500元的成本。 我們的作法是,保持現有的車款,同時發表採用 Monocoque 車架的車款,讓消費者自己擁有選擇權。

為何經典款 Birdy 車架上 RM 立體圖案消失不見?

經典款 Birdy 主車架上的 RM 立體圖樣乃是管材在焊接前先經過 [液壓成型] 加工處理。業界多用來增加車架的剛性及美感。

將此一生產技術引進 Birdy 單純主要以美觀為主。所以歐、澳洲市場方面在此一管材加工科技引進之初,即選擇 "不加採用",僅其他地區代理商 (例如:美國、亞洲) 使用。

隨著Birdy Monocoque車架的設計問市,經典款車架回歸到德國 Birdy 設計的初衷,以功能為訴求。所以自2006.10月起,各國 Birdy 經典款車架將不再生產有 RM 立體圖樣的主車架。

台灣、香港及大陸方面將成本差異轉而提升零件的等級與品質。前花鼓升級為 Birdy 專用培林花鼓(折疊體積更小)、車手把改為鋁合金2014材質(更輕)及腳踏板改為VP-197(更具時尚)。

Birdy 多大了?

Birdy 首次問世於1995年。 Birdy 受到全世界超過七萬名愛好者的肯定與支持,是其他折疊車種所望塵莫及的。
現在每年更有超過一萬人成為 Birdy 的使用者。

Birdy 可以越野競賽嗎?

很抱歉 ~ 不行。 雖然,國外確實有愛好者騎乘 Birdy 參加登山車競賽,也獲得很高的名次。但,那畢竟是職業車隊的專業車手。對於一般使用者,我們不贊同如此的騎乘行為,您也將因此喪失您的寶貴(保固)權利。 小輪車一般來說不適合在崎嶇顛簸的山坡路面上行駛,因為輪子有可能卡在路上凹洞內。只要路面不要太過顛簸,Birdy 是可行駛於石子路與森間小路。當你在不良路面騎乘 Birdy 時,請提高你的注意力, 因為小輪及輕量車架都可能使騎乘者容易跌倒。

Birdy 適合長距離騎乘嗎?

當然! Birdy 配置了優良的傳動及變速套件,加上獨特的前後避震,讓它騎起來就像一般大輪車,整天騎乘都沒有問題! 精心設計過的前、後貨架可附載25公斤的行李,長途旅行所需要的車袋及行李都不是問題。 像是愛好者騎著 Birdy 在冰島與北歐長途跋涉了7000公里,Birdy 讓他們的旅行更加舒適。

如果正在騎乘 Birdy 可以折疊嗎?

不行。 當您坐在 Birdy 上,您是以折疊的相反方向壓著 Birdy 的主要折疊關節,也就是說,您無法邊騎 Birdy,邊折疊。

與大輪車相比 Birdy 的優點有哪些?

就某些點來說,Birdy 就像是大輪車,騎起來快速又舒適,卻也更加方便。每個假日、週末,甚或是出差 ,你都能帶著 Birdy 四處遨遊。不管您是想把它放在車頂上或是自行車架上,帶上飛機或火車,也都沒問題。如果您有任何理由無法常和 Birdy 一起出外兜風,它們將一點說服力也沒有。與其他傳統自行車比較,Birdy 的上管(主管)較低。也就是說,可以自在的橫跨過 Birdy 的上管,而不像其他自行車,需要大幅抬起您的腳。如果您要突然停車,往前縱跳,您一點也不用擔心會受傷。除此之外,對於比較矮的人與年長的人,騎乘 Birdy 也相當方便。 Birdy 同時也比大輪車靈敏,剛開始您可能覺得 Birdy 容易搖晃,那是因為您還沒有習慣Birdy。只要一上手,相信您就會愛上Birdy 的高性能。之後如果再騎乘大輪車,您一定覺得大輪車既笨重又遲鈍。 對於那些已經被大輪車嚇到的人,Birdy 絕對會是個最佳選擇。較低的主管讓騎乘者更安全,還能有絕佳的掌控與較低的重心,讓你爬坡更容易。小輪車在繁忙的交通中,絕對讓你對車況更加得心應手。

與大輪車相比 Birdy 的騎乘方式有何不同?

Birdy 的騎乘姿勢與登山車相同(偏向運動型自行車,較不像一般折疊車那麼筆直)。
Birdy 有著範圍寬廣的調整空間,可以符合不同騎乘者的體型與各異的騎乘方式。
因為小輪車的慣性低,Birdy 啟動加速快、更加省力,上坡也更簡單。也因為小輪車的高靈敏性,我們強烈建議騎乘 Birdy 時,至少要有一手控制車子,不要雙手同時放開。

Birdy 和大輪車在穩定性上相比何者較穩?

如果只是討論單獨一顆輪子,那當然是大輪子比小輪子穩,但是我們可是騎在兩個輪子上,那又是完全不同的狀況。 一台自行車的穩定性不在它的輪徑,而是取決於車子的幾何設計。前後輪間的距離對於車的穩定性及巡航能力有非常重要的影響。再者,前叉的角度(後傾角)也決定了操控的性能。藉由微調這些幾何元素間的關係,Birdy 可達到與大輪車不相上下的穩定性。


1. 可以減輕車的重量,讓你輕鬆的提著 Birdy走。 2. 小輪子的鋼絲和車圈較大車來的強固許多,非常不易斷裂。 3. 小輪子有著較低的慣性可讓你花較少的氣力驅動車子前進,起步時有更好的加速性,更容易騎上坡。 4. 容易過彎、更好操控、較短的煞停距離等特性,巡航在都市中多障礙的環境更加容易。

Birdy 體積小所以車身結構比較脆弱嗎?

答案是NO! 相反的大輪車比 Birdy 脆弱才是。Birdy 的車架相對較小,結果就是較堅固也較輕盈,相對的有較佳的騎乘表現。 若再與其他小輪折疊車相比,Birdy 的縱向折疊設計、無關節主車架設計及前後避震設計均優於其他產品對於車身剛性的要求。

Birdy 輪子這麼小看起來要很用力踩才跑得快?

完全不需要! 我們可以理解當一般人看到 Birdy 時所湧出的疑問,然而當你騎過一次後,你就會發覺不可思議的驚奇!事實證明,一部設計優良的小輪車,可以有比大輪車更優秀的演出。一部自行車速度的展現, 泰半決定於齒輪比的設計,小輪車可以藉由齒輪的搭配,達到大輪車的速度表現。計算方式是用輪子圓周長乘以齒輪比(大齒盤齒數除以飛輪齒數)算出踩踏一圈的 距離,所以如果總行程一樣,基本上兩台車的車速是相同的 ,所以說 Birdy 確實是不會比輸大輪車的。 決定速度的因素尚有傳動系統、重 量、風阻、輪胎阻力及零組件功率輸出等等...輪子旳大小並不是唯一的重點。Birdy 有很大的齒輪比、重量輕盈、配有高壓胎90PSI及高品質零組件。比起大輪車,較小迎風面積的Birdy,更在空氣阻力上佔有絕對優勢。帶著 Birdy 去兜風一圈,您一定會因為她優異的表現感到驚奇。

我可以替我的 Birdy 選用哪些輪胎?

多半來說,我們提供的輪胎是瑪吉斯 Maxxis-Birdy w/kevalr (90PSI)。
Schwalbe現在也提供了很多高品質輪胎作為選擇,像是Schwalbe Marathon Racer (85PSI)以及Stelivo Kojak HS385 (115PSI)。

更多關於以上輪胎的資訊,請參考 Birdy 專屬配件的介紹。

為什麼 Birdy Rohloff 後花鼓會有少量滲油現象?

從2003年9月開始,所有的 Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 款式都有經過搭配低摩擦力花鼓油封的配件修改。與一般的油封比較起來,此款油封擁有一片金屬蓋,為的是將摩擦力降低到最小,並配置無密封墊片的花鼓培林。


為什麼 Birdy Rohloff 後花鼓在騎乘時有異音產生?

1. 因為設計構造的關係,在大部分檔位都會有一種飛輪空轉的聲音出現,尤其
2. 當踩踏較為用力時,在五、六、七檔會聽到另一種高頻的聲音,這是典型由


為什麼 Birdy Rohloff 和 Frog 還需要後變速器?

有些人認為內變速自行車就可以省去任何鏈條張力裝置的麻煩,雖然這麼說並沒有錯,但這只在自行車的後爪為水平的情況下成立。水平後爪可以免去鏈條張力裝置。但 Birdy 的後爪都是垂直的,也就是說,這樣的解釋對 Birdy 是無法派上用場的。 除此之外,後避震作動時及當你折疊時,鏈條變的拉扯或鬆弛,需要有鏈條張力裝置維持鏈條穩定的張力。另外、Birdy 鏈條支持器(Chain catcher)的設計用來防止鏈條鬆脫,通常附於後變速的張力輪或鏈條張力器附近。

騎乘 Birdy 的身高及承載限制為何?

身高限制 Birdy 可提供身高140cm 至195cm 的人騎乘。
承載限制 Birdy 最多可承載110kg(含人、行李)。
貨架承載 後貨架 Expedition Carrier: 15kg
後貨架 SL carrier: 12kg (Birdy Blue 使用) 前邊架 Lowrider: 10kg

Monocoque 車架和經典款車架,究竟有哪些改變和不同呢?

為了讓使用者上下車更加輕鬆與安全,將車身跨度降低了60mm。採用單體式(Monocoque)車身結構,整台車的重量較經典款車架輕了150公克。而更棒的是,因為管材焊接減少,剛性更是提高了近 30% 喔!



1. 貨架組裝至車架上的零配件不同。
2. 貨架下支桿長度不同。經典款為217.5mm,Monocoque款為214mm。
↑後貨架組 - Monocoque款 ↑後貨架組 - 經典款

Birdy Touring 3x8-24速後花鼓異音說明

Sram Dual Drive 3x8 內變速花鼓因其特殊的機構設計,騎乘時可能會有下列情形,說明如下:

1. 花鼓在第 2 & 3 檔時,花鼓運轉會有額外頻率性的棘輪聲,此屬正常機械作動情況,並無異常。(測試方法:後輪騰空,轉動曲柄帶動後輪,變速1、2、3檔即可聽出不同之棘輪聲響)。

2. 花鼓在未受力情況下(未施踩踏力量)受震動時,花鼓內部會有金屬零件敲擊聲, 此現象亦屬正常;但在受力情況下,因內部機件受力後彼此契合緊密,不會晃動,於是就不會有此異音現象。(測試方法:滑行經過不平整路面時,後花鼓可能傳出金屬敲擊聲,2、3檔時較明顯)。

前述情形經向 SRAM 原廠確認無誤,特此公告所有喜愛 Birdy Sram 3×8-24速的車友知悉,請各位車友們放心繼續騎乘,盡情享受 Birdy 帶給您的便利生活。

對於新型 Monocoque 車架,有什麼想法及規劃?

即使經典款(Classic)的 Birdy 外觀依然令人驚豔、折服,但畢竟已經有十年的歷史。因此 R&M 決定在Birdy 十歲之際,讓 Birdy 有個新造型!這也讓 Birdy 的外觀選擇更加多樣化。
我們在2006年開發兩款車種採用新型 Monocoque 車架 ~ Birdy Deore LX (酷炫橘、平光灰) 和 Birdy Rohloff (尊榮黑)。 Monocoque 車架在2007年接續推出Birdy Deore LX 象牙白(LX 家族新成員)及新款式樣 Birdy Intego(璀璨藍、 時尚銀) 。
Birdy Alivio(黃、白) 、 Birdy Capreo(銀) 等車款持續採用"經典款" 車架。



現在就來告訴大家如何安裝吧! 只需要兩把六角板手(3MM、4MM) Step 1:先移除後貨架這兩個零件 Step 2:固定後貨架與座管束 Step 3:固定後貨架與支撐桿,左、右兩側都有金屬墊片需安裝後貨架和支撐桿之間。 參考網址:https://goo.gl/aGmrrv CARRYME後貨架相關資訊: https://goo.gl/TwcuHT

CarryMe 各年份版本差異

CarryMe DS 的內變速器 SpeedDrive 多久需要保養一次?

arryme DS 出廠時已注入含 MoS2(二硫化鉬) 成份的潤滑油,至少可保持最佳狀態 3000~4500km,之後請視騎乘狀況適度潤滑即可。建議使用 Speed Drive 油品補充包 ,一年1~2次或每2000~3000km補充1~2ml即可。


CarryMe 的鏈條看來和一般鏈條有些不同?


CarryMe 的承載限制?

  • 前貨架荷重: 5kg
  • 後貨架荷重:10kg
  • 適用身高:145-185cm
  • 騎士限重: 85kg
  • 最大載重:100kg

CarryMe 可以騎快嗎?



CarryMe 輪胎充氣的省力便捷法。

對 CarryMe 充氣的最佳時機為當 CarryMe 折疊站立時。最容易找到氣嘴,這時侯再搭配直立式打氣筒更是一氣呵成,省力又便捷!

CarryKids 的承載限制?

  • 適用身高:90-120cm
  • 最大載重:30kg (含人、行李)

CarryMe 的頭管快拆為什麼改為蝶形旋鈕?

導致折疊無法順利操作。 有鑒於此,Carryme 改採蝶型螺絲,一般人的手力剛剛好可以鎖緊,

CarryMe 的輪胎規格?

小輪車一般輪胎較小與地面滾動摩擦次數較多、路感較為震動,尤其需要搭配高壓胎來有效降低滾動阻力、輪胎磨耗、提升速度及降低路感帶來的手震不適。 Carryme採用的輪胎是8”x1-1/4’的高壓氣胎,使用一般美式氣嘴即可打氣,最大可達80PSI。

CarryMe 可以站著抽車嗎?


CarryMe 可以上捷運或是其他公共交通工具嗎?



IF Mode 車架折疊處的透明保護膠帶可以撕掉嗎?


IF 系列的承載限制?

IF Mode & iF Urban

  • 適用身高:145-190cm
  • 騎士限重: 85kg
  • 最大載重:100kg (含人、行李)
IF Reach
  • 適用身高:145-185cm
  • 騎士限重: 85kg
  • 最大載重:100kg (含人、行李)


Reach 451外胎碼表設定值?


顆粒胎 Kenda K-1047: 1610mm
跑車胎 Primo C1081: 1595mm

Reach 的後避震器如何調整?

Reach的前避震設定為不需調整,後避震器則可更換硬度不同的PU。 詳情請參考網站:技術支援> 相關下載> Reach 後避震器PU更換說明 。

Reach 的承載限制?

  • 前貨架荷重: 10kg
  • 後貨架荷重: 15kg
  • 最大承載限制:110kg (含人、行李)
  • 適用身高:145-185cm


Micah 使用上有需要特別注意的地方?

  • 胎壓要充足,最大值:65PSI
  • 煞車把為輔助上車使用,非煞停裝置。
  • 各部位調整至最適位置/高度/角度,並鎖緊固定。
  • 無人在座墊上時,方可進行座墊高度調整。
  • 騎乘時需有專人從旁協助看護。轉彎需放慢速度,避免車身傾斜。
  • 右輪為驅動輪,有“卡榫”設計,組裝時需留意。
  • 搬運拆卸時,要留意不要遺失細部零配件

騎乘 Handy 的身高及承載限制為何?

騎士限重: 85kg

Handy 手搖三輪車使用上有需要特別注意的地方?

1. 檢查車胎『胎壓是否充足』。
2. 坐穩、繫好安全帶。 安全帶別太緊,預留一些腹部向下壓的空間。*1
3. 穿戴好防曬衣物(帽子、袖套、太陽眼鏡、口罩或面罩)
4. 啟動時:用『第1檔』,較易啟動。手搖行進時,管線維持向上。
5. 用雙臂力量向前搖之外,切記配合腰腹力量前壓,類似『划船動作』。
6. 下坡或轉彎時,可輕握左手剎車把降低車速。*2
7. 減速時,請將手把放置於約7~8點鐘方向,方便轉彎及控制剎車。
8. 上坡時,請於上坡前完成變速動作。*3
9. 後退時,一手持手把控制方向,另一手轉動後輪。

*1 雙腿若容易有外開者,可使用束腿帶加以固定。
*2 正確的剎停方式是反轉手搖把,左手剎車把乃是輔助用剎車。
*3 變速轉把位於右手把,分「1-7檔」,第1檔最省力(但速度慢)。第7檔最費力(但速度快)。


一、 來廠試乘:


試乘預約專線: 03-486-4721
試乘產品:Micah / Handy Upright Compact / Handy Recumbent / 2Rider

二、 臺北市河濱公園:

星期一至星期日 08:00~21:00止,且不得跨日使用,其中星期一至星期五(不含國定假日)12:00~14:00休息時間不提供借、還車。

1. 限於河濱公園自行車道範圍使用。
2. 以借用人本人自行使用,且不得搭載他人。
3. 限原地借、還車,每次至多使用2小時,如之後時段無人預約或現場登記,可延長使用時間,並以延長1小時為限。
4. 採預約方式辦理,借用人逾預約時間10分鐘未到,視為預約自動取消。如無人預約之時段,則開放現場登記借用。

電話預約:康美企業社客服專線 02-2258-7425。

試乘產品:Handy Upright Compact / Handy Recumbent (僅觀山河濱公園自行車租借站有提供)

三、 新北市河濱公園:


1. 限於河濱公園自行車道範圍使用。
2. 以借用人本人自行使用,且不得搭載他人。
3. 限原地借、還車,每次至多使用3小時,如之後時段無人預約或現場登記,可延長使用時間,並以延長1小時為限。
4. 採預約方式辦理,借用人逾預約時間10分鐘未到,視為預約自動取消。如無人預約之時段,則開放現場登記借用。

電話預約:財團法人自行車新文化基金會 02-8978-5099。