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Folding Bikes

We create useful folding bikes

Bicycles improve our environment and our lives.  To simply ride a bike whenever possible is one
realistic step we can take to help our planet and our health.

At Pacific Cycles, we create products that make the cycling experience more efficient, more
valuable, more exciting and more fun.

Our folding bikes are specifically designed to offer the best performance and unique style in a variety
of environments.



BIRDY is a lifestyle. An attitude. An ideal adventure companion for those who'd rather not walk. Small enough to fit almost anywhere. When opened out,better than many big bikes. It is still the folder tobeat in terms of looks, comfort and performance.



REACH is a compact folding bicycle that truly feels,handles and rides like a full-sized non-folding bike. Itis always ready to take you to any destination, fromlong treks to adventure rides and even races.

IF move belt single speed galaxy pink-12


With a single 'swing-in-half' folding motion, IF is instantly ready to be rolled anywhere. With its unique frame-locking system, it feels solid yet
comfortable to ride. The design lines are clean and stylish, perfect for a modern urban lifestyle.

CarryMe SD green-1280.jpg


CARRYME's tiny size puts it in a different class to other folders, which although compact, cannot compete with the sheer portability of this bike. Besides being small and light, it still feels great to ride, with excellent overall handling abilities.

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