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With a single ‘swing-in-half’ folding motion, IF is instantly ready to be rolled anywhere. With its
unique frame-locking system, it feels solid yet comfortable to ride. The design lines are clean and
stylish, perfect for a modern urban lifestyle.

Instant, 3-second fold and roll

People who need to combine cycling with other forms of transport will really appreciate the intelligent design of the IF series, which allows you to fold it in half in seconds and push it along. IF bikes feature a unique folding mechanism that swing-folds over on itself in a single action to bring the two magnetized wheels securely together. IF bikes offer the ultimate in convenience and portability, and are perfect for the city explorer or commuter.


Clean and stylish

IF bicycles are unique in their no-nonsense yet fashionable style, perfectly at home in an urban setting without making the rider feel like a “bike geek”. Futuristic, elegant and clean lines will turn heads wherever this bike goes.

Built for easy-ride

The IF series were designed not only to fold quickly, but to ride like full-sized bikes. Fast acceleration, responsive braking, great handling and tight turning make for a confidence-inspiring ride.

Award-winning design

The IF series (IF MODE/IF MOVE) has won numerous International design awards, including iF Award GOLD, Red Dot, Eurobike Award, IDEA Bronze, Taiwan Excellence Silver Award, Red Star Award(China) and chosen as a part of "WHY DESIGN NOW" by Cooper Hewitt (Smithsonian New York Mesuem) and "Designs of our time" by Design Museum (London, UK).

IF MOVE Belt Drive Dual Speed

IF MOVE belt drive version ATS Speed Drive 2 Speed


The iF GOLD Award winning iconic bike

IF MOVE Belt Drive

IF MOVE belt drive version

IF MODE Carrying Bag
IF MOVE Fender Set
IF MOVE Seat Tube Anodized Ring And Lever Gold
IF MODE F/R Mudguard With Rear Carrier Set
IF MOVE Carrying Bag
IF MOVE Seat Tube Anodized Ring And Lever Turquoise
IF MODE Kickstand
IF MOVE Seat Tube Anodized Ring And Lever Red
IF MOVE Seat Tube Anodized Ring And Lever Limegreen
IF MOVE Hard Case Pink
IF MOVE Seat Tube Anodized Ring And Lever Silver
IF MOVE Hard Case Turquoise
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