Warranty Policy


Pacific Cycle warranty is provided for all new Pacific bikes purchased directly from Pacific store or from an officially authorized retailer. In order to protect your own rights, we highly recommend you ask the retailer to registration the bike on your behalf and provide proof of purchase.  The authorized retailer is obliged to provide servicing & maintenance to your bicycle during warranty.

Pacific Cycles warranty is valid from the purchase date for a period of 2 years when is serviced, maintained and used within normal riding situations. If any defect develops (including manufacturing, material and design), Pacific shall be responsible for repairment and replacement, however freight or logistics expense is not covered under warranty and is your responsibility.

The warranty of interchangeable components is one year, but limited to front fork, saddle, grip shifter, derailleur, chainwheel, crank set, bottom bracket, hubs, freewheels, handlebar, handlebar stem, brakes, pedals, fenders, carriers, bearings, connecting rods, connecting screws.

The consumable components including outer tires, inner tires, rims, wires, liner bands, brakes, brake discs, linings, brake cables, shifter cables, grips, greasers, coating, and other unrelated brackets and normal components are not eligible for warranty.

The components replaced during warranty shall be deemed as the property of Pacific Cycles.

With the complete maintenance record, the owner can purchase additional two-year warranty extension on Pacific Cycles E-Commerce Platform (vip.pacific-cycles.com) before the existing warranty has expired.

During the warranty, the bike owner can transfer the bike on the VIP system, and the warranty service will be transferred to the third party.

The warranty is not eligible for owners due to expiration or malfunction caused by below reasons. Nevertheless, the official retailers are still in favor to provide service and repair, but should charge
you the material & labor fee.


  • Malfunction caused by abnormal operation or maintenance.

  • The maintenance is not performed by the official retailer. Retrofitting or replacement of non-original components or accessories.

  • Abuse such as stunts, jumps, crashes could damage the component and lead to malfunction.

  • Renting or non-private use.

  • External force or falling from height could cause the damage.

  • Force majeure including typhoons, earthquakes, fires, floods, wars causes the damage.

  • Factors will not influence the efficiency

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