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Traveling with a foldable bike - the real deal!

Traveling is usually an extremely fun activity, but there are some notable annoyances that people who travel often need to deal with. One of the major ones is moving around when you’re in a new location and you need to get to certain places. Sure, you could go by car, but will you find parking? Will you be able to navigate all the one-way streets and get to where you’re going?

There’s a rather easy solution to that problem, and it’s right in front of your nose – pack your foldable bike. It’s probably happened more than once, you’re in a new city that’s notoriously difficult to park in, and you think to yourself “I wish I had a bicycle to get me to my destination without any issues”. Well, a foldable bike will do just that.

Packing it in the car

The benefits of traveling with a foldable bike start from the moment you start packing. While for conventional bikes, you’ll probably need to grab a bike rack to carry them with you, a foldable bike will fit nicely in your trunk. And yes, we’re talking about it fitting alongside all the luggage you need for your trip.

This is a seriously underrated aspect of foldable bikes, but it will significantly impact your purchasing decision when you’re debating whether to go for a conventional bike or a foldable one.

Some would argue you could partially disassemble a regular bike and remove its wheels, and it may still fit in your car. But it won’t fit in a small car, and you might need to put the back seats down, which isn’t exactly practical. To add to this, it’ll take up a lot more space and will probably limit how much luggage you can take. This just creates more problems.

Moving around town

Another benefit of traveling with a foldable bike is that you now have a convenient way of getting around town. It doesn’t even have to be a town – there are also perfectly capable foldable bikes that can handle moderate off-road terrain. The REACH is a perfect example, with a suspension that’s designed to add comfort to your riding experience.

Most larger cities are notorious for lack of parking, but if you have a foldable bike, you don’t need parking, do you? Just unpack your bike and hop on , then head to where you need to go. Once you get to your destination, lock your bike and take care of whatever it is you need to do. Then, hop on the bike again and go back.

It’s not just a good idea for running errands, but you can also easily explore cities and reach destinations that might not be reachable by car, such as the beach or a secluded viewpoint that doesn’t have road access.

And we know what you’re thinking – some destinations are too far to go to by bike, right? Well, true to some extent. But with a foldable bike, all you have to do is fold it and find the closest means of public transport that can get you to your destination. Trains, subways, buses, you can take your foldable bike on most of them because it takes up very little space, which makes it perfect for public transport. And that’s not something you can do with a conventional bike.

Heading back home

Remember when we said foldable bikes take up very little space? Well, that’s going to be even more critical when you’re going back home, especially if you’re the type of person to always want to bring stuff back home, whether that’s just souvenirs or something larger and more space-consuming. Packing all the things you bought can be a chore, so the foldable bike taking up minimal space will be a godsend.


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