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Biking in the City with the Tiny, Mighty CarryMe

As a photographer living in New York, one of the things I struggle with most is traffic. My work has me traveling through the city quite a bit, and if I were to attempt that with a car, it would be a mess to say the least. This used to be a huge problem for me because I constantly have client meetings and photoshoots at various locations – finding parking is impossible, and so is making it on time.

You’re probably noticing I said “used to be”, indicating that I’ve somehow found a magical solution to dealing with New York’s hectic traffic. And I have in fact found a solution, but it’s much more mechanical than it is magical – it’s Pacific Cycles’CARRYME. It’s a brilliant little machine that I now can’t imagine my life without, and I love every moment I spend riding it.

Heading Out to Work

If I were to tell you that I live in the Upper East Side, and my office is near Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, you’d probably think that it’s not that far, right? Well, it’s almost three miles, which can easily take an hour when you factor in traffic, and I don’t always have that hour. That’s why I opt to cycle instead, and the CARRYME is the bicycle that I use.

One of the main reasons why I opted for this bike is its compact size. I live in a studio apartment, and if you’ve ever stepped into one, you probably know that space isn’t exactly plentiful. Actually, space is a luxury, and I wasn’t about to take up any of it with a full size bicycle. The CARRYME is incredibly compact, and I can easily set it upright behind the front door without it impeding my day-to-day activities.

However, when I unfold it to go to work, it’s just as good as any other bicycle. I tend to go through 1st Avenue because it has a dedicated bike lane unlike some of the other streets, all the way until I get to 40th St., which is where I make a right and head to Bryant Park. My office is right across the park, so it’s a convenient route to take.

Meetings, Meetings

One of the perks of having an office in Midtown Manhattan is the fact that you have an abundance of what I like to call “corner cafes” that offer both food and great coffee. They’re perfect for client meetings in a relaxed environment, which is why I use them so often. I usually plan out my meetings around midday, so I can grab lunch and then get back to the office.

The CARRYME is ideal for getting to these cafes – I have the CARRYME DS variant with two speeds which lets me get to my meeting rather fast. The other big thing is, again, the portability. I don’t have to worry about whether or not someone’s going to grab my bike while I’m in a meeting – I just fold it and take it inside with me. It takes up as much space as a jacket, to be honest, and I have yet to find a café that won’t let me bring it inside. That’s another part of why I love it so much.

A thing I’d like to mention is that I don’t just use the bike as-is. Although I don’t see an issue with anyone preferring a backpack, I have the Foldable Rear Carrier that’s made for the CARRYME and lets me easily carry a backpack with a laptop, and some documents that come in handy for clients, right on the back of my bike. Once I’m done with the meetings, it’s back to the office.

Home Through Central Park

When I leave the office, I continue down 40th St. to 8th Avenue, which has a bike path going right through Central Park. I know it’s a longer route, but I enjoy the park during sunset, and unless I’m in a rush to go home, I cycle along it. The CARRYME lets me swap into an easier gear and move more slowly. This is a park which has kids running around, after all, so I’m taking safety precautions by moving slowly.

Before I know it, I’m home already and folding my bicycle to put it behind the door. I can now relax and plan the next day, keeping in mind that I, again, won’t have to worry about traffic and parking, thanks to the CARRYME. It’s really the perfect bicycle for me, and if portability is key , it’s also going to be perfect for you, too.

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May 30, 2022


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