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Foldable bikes as the ideal choice for cargo transport

When you think of foldable bikes as a concept, the first thing that comes to mind is practicality. The foldable aspect of these bikes makes them perfect for moving from one place to another, and even better if you want to use them on public transport. However, there is also another aspect of foldable bikes that not a lot of people think about, and that’s their ability to be used as a cargo transport bicycle.

This aspect goes hand in hand with the daily usability of foldable bikes – they’re just as comfortable and fast as a regular bike, yet come with improved practicality which lets you store them away when they’re not in use. Add to that the ability to carry your backpack or purse, or any other item you need to transport, and they’re perfect.

Adding a rack for cargo

The one thing that’s common for all bikes used for cargo transport is that they all have a way of carrying said cargo. When it comes to our foldable bicycles, the best way to add a safe accessory that can carry plenty of weight is to add a rack. And when it comes to Pacific Cycles’ models, we have a model-specific rack for each one of our foldable bicycles.


For example, the CARRYME DS is the ultracompact dual-speed foldable bicycle that weighs a mere 9.2kg. It is incredibly practical and versatile as a daily driver, and also comes with things like an adjustable rear fork and handlebar, as well as an integrated seat clamp for a comfortable sitting position. But when you add the CARRYME Foldable Rear Carrier, it becomes an excellent daily driver that lets you transport items that weigh up to 10kg. Installing it is very simple, and thanks to the method of installation, you can still fold up your bicycle when you need to.


If you’re looking for a geometry that’s close to a road racing bike, but in a bike you can fold when you don’t need it,the BIRDY is the ideal Pacific Cycles model for you. The latest, 3rd generation comes in a folded size that’s 15% less than its predecessor, while being just as comfortable and fast. The hydroformed frame components allow it to offer an incredible balance between a stiff and sturdy race bike and a comfortable daily driver. And of course, adding theNEW BIRDY Rear Carrier transforms it into a daily driver that you can use to get to work or transport items throughout town with extreme ease. It can carry items that are up to 10kg, and the rack itself is super lightweight. If you want, you can even attach bags on the sides, and be able to carry even morewithout putting the weight onyour back.


Last but not least, we’ve got plenty of customers that love the REACH. It’s a speedy foldable bicycle that comes in several variations, such as the REACH GT with its wide gear ratio making it perfect for touring, or the REACH STD which is ideal for off-road adventures and hill climbs. Whichever one you go for, they are both incredible daily drivers that let you get from point A to point B very quickly, and without any discomfort whatsoever. But if you have things to carry around, what you want to do is add the REACH Extended Rear Carrier which has dual functionality. One, it lets you add cargo items that you could transport on your REACH, and two, it has wheels at the rear that let you lift the REACH up vertically and transport it as a trolley. It adds practicality to an already incredibly practical foldable bicycle, making it ideal for a variety of uses.

Should you use a foldable bicycle for cargo transport?

Definitely. While most people seem to be under the impression that foldable bicycles are used only when you don’t have the storage space for a regular one, we have a bit of a different opinion. Not only are they excellent daily drivers that you can use in a variety of situations, but they’re also an incredibly versatile way of transporting cargo throughout the city when traffic gets crazy.

All it takes is for you to grab your favorite Pacific Cycles model and get the right rack for it, and you’ve got yourself a daily driver that lets you carry your essentials with you wherever you go.


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