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Is a Foldable Bike the Bike for You?

Is it worth investing in a foldable bike? Constantly worrying about your bike’s safety, struggling with carrying on and off transport, and finding spaces for storage are all downfalls of owning a regular bike. If you’re an avid biker but are looking for alternatives to these issues, a folding bike could be the perfect fit for you.


Obviously, one of the main reasons for purchasing a foldable bike is their convenience and portability. Fold it up in a matter of a few seconds and you can carry with you to your office, your apartment, on public transport, or the back of even a small car. This not only eliminates the need for locking your bike up but also worrying about it getting stolen.

Foldable bikes have become more advanced through the years, and you can now choose between different folding systems that suit your needs, many of which can be folded up in a matter of seconds. Our IF model, for example, can fold up in just three seconds for a speedy and convenient transition.

These bikes are perfect for cities, folding up in seconds to fit on buses, trains, subways, and any other public transportation you need to hop onto in case of bad weather or longer journeys.


A folding bike is also great for storing at home or wherever you keep your bike. Live in a small apartment with no wall space? No problem. A foldable bike can be tidied away into a corner, a small closet, or right by the door for easy access.


Folding bikes wouldn’t be of any great use if they weren’t easy to pick up, right? Another great aspect of these handy wheelers is how lightweight they are, so you don’t need to be hauling great weight up and down stairs. With a lightweight aluminum frame, the CARRYME foldable bike from Pacific Cycles is ideal for quick city biking with minimal effort.


You’ll find that folding bikes tend to get dirtier than a regular bike, which is due to the lower position to the ground. To ensure good maintenance, it’s important to keep your bike clean which in turn will prevent too much wear and tear. Other than that, folding bike maintenance is pretty straightforward: tire pressure, cleaning, oiling the chain, and changing the brake pads every once in a while. Stick to this and your foldable bike will maintain a long and healthy life.


One of the main misconceptions about foldable bikes is their safety - would they potentially collapse and fold up under the strain of too much weight or hitting a bump the wrong way? When it comes to foldable bikes, you get what you pay for, and while there are some cheap models out there that may not be so reliable, as long as you’ve done your research, safety isn’t an issue.

In fact, because of their smaller wheels, these bikes are much easier to handle. This feature is important for city rides because of unpredictable situations and needs to swerve around any obstacles, such as paving holes and bumps which can put unnecessary strain on your bike.


With increased popularity, there are now many models of foldable bikes on the market that cover a whole host of outdoor needs. From city riding to rougher terrains, check out some of Pacific Cycles models that are customized to your preferences. Our BIRDY model is portable and ideal for city ventures, and our REACH folding bike has tougher suspension for more varied terrain. Which is the bike for you?


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