Seriously light to carry
Seriously fun to ride.
CARRYME's tiny size puts it in a different class to other folders, which although compact, cannot compete with the sheer portability of this bike. Don’t be fooled by the tiny size though. In spite of impressive folding features and very light weight, the CARRYME bikes provide great handling and feel like larger-wheeled bikes to ride.
Supreme portability
Mobility like never before.
CARRYME was designed to become a part of your life and go everywhere with you. It will get you to your destination as quickly—or as leisurely—as you want, and is also a great way of bringing exercise into your life. When you are not riding, it folds up into a neat package easily and quickly. Even the pedals are collapsible, allowing the folded CARRYME to take up very little space whether being carried in a vehicle or stored in the home or office.
Thoughtfully designed
to fit into your life.
CARRYME is the result of many years of design refinement, and this shows in every aspect of its unique construction. For example, the unique sliding front head tube clamp that provides a stiff and sturdy joining system and allows the frame to be folded up to an amazingly small size. Or the small built-in wheels that allow CARRYME to be pushed along the ground. Both the seatpost and headtube are telescopic and will extend to accommodate riders of all heights.